Raising funds for 1st Crowthorne

Raising funds for 1st Crowthorne

Fundraising is a vital part of what we do – in 2020, we will have lost over £4000 in fundraising income.   This is money on top of the income that we make via membership fees and we use it for variety of spending

  • New tents and equipment – We need to replace our aging patrol tents with modern easy to erect tents that don’t need as much drying …   do we all remember how much fund we have a Group Camp in 2019 putting up heavy canvass in the rain?
  • Upgrades to our heating – getting rid of the old blast furnace and replacing it with modern efficient central heating – and installing heating in the rear of the hut, and proper hot water in the kitchen and toilets.
  • Essential Maintenance – painting, decorating, lighting, wiring and more!

We have some excellent plans for fun and social events – can you help?

If you are interested in helping … and being part of the team, email Fundraising@1stCrowthorne.co.uk

  • Bracknell Forest Lottery – Thanks to your generosity, we’ve already raised £600 this year.   tickets cost just £1 each per week …   and we get 60p of that!
  • “No Show Ball” – we would like to organise a “No Show Ball” …   that you can sell tickets for ..  the catch?   There is no Ball!   We would love anyone to pay to NOT come to it 🙂  Make a donation for something ….
  • “Tidy the Village Walk” – In the New Year, we will be partnering with CROW to spring clean the village, and help raise funds at the same time.    We’ll divide the village up into blocks and get as many people as possible from across the village.    We’ll be running a BBQ and selling hot drinks and snacks to keep everyone going …..
  • Fill a Tube – A oldie but a goodie ..    Between now and Christmas – we will be giving everyone at 1st Crowthorne a FREE tubs of Smarties …  but there is a catch.    We would like your help to fill it with coins…    a full tube of 20p coins will make generate £12.20 per tube …   a tube full of £1 coins will give us £24!  If even half the group will a tube we will raise a fair amount
  • May Fair Tombola …    Rather than wining bottles of something donated from the back of the cupboard or unwanted socks from Aunt Muriel from 15 years ago …    Our tombola will be different …   you win MONEY ..     from 10p to £50 …
  • Curry and Quiz Night – Either at the hut … or online …  a fun family quiz for everyone to get involved in
  • Barn Dance – when we are allowed to meet again – we plan to hold a big old barn dance …  and if the weather holds we’ll do it outside .. .  Dust of your dancing shoes and give me a big “YeeeHaaaa”
  • Regular Donations – another obvious one really …   Making a regular donation would make a massive difference to us.   We have 100 Families – if everyone gave £1 per month we’d make £1500 per year

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls