Date Patrol (A to C) /
Activity (1 to 8)
Monday Tuesday
07-Sep 08-Sep A/B/C Zoom – Welcome Back
14-Sep 15-Sep A1 & B2
21-Sep 22-Sep A2 & C1
28-Sep 29-Sep B1 & C2
05-Oct 06-Oct A3 & B4
12-Oct 13-Oct A4 & C3
19-Oct 20-Oct B3 & C4
26-Oct 27-Oct
02-Nov 03-Nov A5 & B6
09-Nov 10-Nov A6 & C5
16-Nov 17-Nov B5 & C6
23-Nov 24-Nov A7 & B8
30-Nov 01-Dec A8 & C7
07-Dec 08-Dec B7 & C8


Main Activity Notes Badges Planning
Leaders (min) Parent Helpers
Zoom Meeting Primarily for the Scouts but parents are welcome to join.

1. Introduce new 3 Patrols:
– Covid A
– Covid B
– Covid C

2. Introduce Programme.

3. Discuss 2 activities for 3 week rota.

4. Introduce “Work From Home” activities.

5. Reminder of rules:
– Staggered drop off (one at the school, one at the hut)
– Bring your own drinks bottles
– Siblings must be in the same patrol
– Minimise the use of toilets

6. Two parent helpers will be required every week – but we may be able to release one each week.

N/A All N/A N/A
1 Crowthorne Monopoly.

Already partially planned from last term.

Local Knowledge Activity Badge
Challenge – TBC
Teamwork Challenge –
Marie-Anne 2 2
2 Da Vinci Bridge Building.

Build Da Vinci Bridge with broom handles then the pre made wood (new parts required).

Challenge Skills – Problem Solving (item 5).
Teamwork Challenge –
Andy 2 2
3 Trading Post.

Inter-group challenge – 20 activities, each marked 1 to 10. Winning Patrol.

TBA Ariel 2 2
4 Experiments Evening
a. Egg Parachutes –  Design & build an “egg parachute” and drop from the top of tall ladder onto tarmac.
b. Home made Stomp Rockets
Creative Badge – Chris C 2 2
5 Fire Lighting –  Individual Fire Lighting. Every scout gets to light and cook on their own fire. TBA Andy A 2 2
6 Xmas Craft TBA Marie-Anne 2 2
7 Night Hike TBA Chris C / Andy A 2 2
8 Orienteering TBA Chris C / Ariel 2 2

Scouts programme

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls