A New Hut for 1st Crowthorne!

Date: 8th Oct 2020 Author: Marc

This is exciting news!   We’ve officially started the new hut project!!! 

This is just one idea that we have ….  and now we need to recruit a couple of Parents that have experience in this area to join the Sub-Committee that is working on the project.

We need

  • Project Manager
  • Legal help – for the contracts
  • Fundraising Help – This is going to cost a LOT!
  • Construction Experts
  • and probably a lot more!

Can you help?   Email Chairman@1stCrowthorne.co.uk


During the summer we met William Barrett (Managing Director – Francis Construction) and Dominic Morse (Morse Architects). Both have long established connections with Scouting and are familiar with planning Scout huts.

Two site meetings were held at Edgbarrow attended by Will, Dom, Marc, Andy, Jolyon and Phil.

Following the last meeting Dom suggested getting a Topographical Survey completed to enable sketching out first proposals. Three quotes for the survey have been obtained – the lowest from a reliable source came in at £725 + VAT – The Exec. Committee agreed the spend.

Once the survey is complete Dom will come to site again to hear our brief and put forward suggestions – it will be important for us to have clear ideas about what we want. At this stage, his services will be free of charge.

After the meeting Dom will give us a summary of fees for their services and will be able to run through costings and construction charges too.

Phil Hart September 2020

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls